These are pretty old but still fun.

PERSONAL PROJECTS Python, Django, Google App Engine, ActionScript
A completely necessary website which will put your face on Justin Bieber's head.
Flash Plugin Switcher Python
A python script for switching and backing up your Flash plugin. Tested on Windows and OS X. API PHP
An important data culling tool.
Simple JavaScript Tweening JavaScript
Minimal JavaScript tweening code. For when jQuery is overkill!
Forker: Social ActionScripting ActionScript
Online ActionScript compilation and coding with code versioning and easy forking.
3D Engine ActionScript
A very basic 3D engine, written from scratch.
Firefox Extension: YouTube Video Download JavaScript
Adds links to YouTube pages for downloading the video file. It extracts the video URLs from the Flash config object in JavaScript, so the URLs shouldn't break even if YouTube changes them.
Mini Brick Breaker ActionScript
A quick lunchtime project that was used to fill empty ad space on
Tile Game Engine ActionScript
A basic tile game engine with support for maps, plugins, and collision detection.
Keyboard Shortcut Game JavaScript
See how fast you can remember common keyboard shortcuts.
GreaseMonkey: Ingore Users on JavaScript
Allows you to ignore comments of certain obnoxious people on
XML-RPC Client Open-Source ActionScript
XML-RPC can save Flash and Flex developers hours of work. It enables ActionScript to transparently communicate with blogs like WordPress and Blogspot. It also works with frameworks that support XML-RPC like Plone, Zope, and Drupal.
ATImportTool: Plone Archetypes Import Tool Python, Plone
An ancient project for importing data into Plone and automatically creating Archetype content types.

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