Flash Plugin Switcher

Updated March 09, 2011

This script will allow you to easily switch your Flash plugin to a different version. You can also use this script to backup your existing Flash plugin for later use/switching.

This works for Firefox, Safari and Chrome* for Windows, OS X and (hopefully) Linux.

Tested on Windows and Mac (Thanks Jim Kremens!). Not tested on Linux but should work (maybe requiring path tweaks).

How to run the script:

First, make you sure you have Python 2.x installed (it comes with OS X). Then, from command line:
cd folder/containing/the/script/
python flash-plugin-switcher.py

Download Script

Download Plugin Backups

You can backup your existing Flash plugin but you can also get a head start by downloading some backups below. Unzip these files into a "plugins" folder in the same folder as the script. The folder structure should look like this:
'-- flash_plugin_switcher.py
'-- plugins/
    '-- windows/
        '-- 7.0/
        '-- 8.0/
        '-- etc...
    '-- mac/
    '-- linux/

Windows pack

Contains versions:
  • Debug
  • Debug
  • Debug
  • Incubator
Download Windows

OS X pack

Contains versions:
  • 9.0 r115
  • 9.0 r124
  • 10.2 r152.26 Debug
Download OS X

Linux pack

Contains versions:
  • 7.0 r79
  • 9.0 r124
Download Linux

* By default Chrome manages it's own version of the Flash plugin. To disable this, do this:
  • Enter "about:plugin" in the url bar
  • Click on the "[+] details" link (top-right)
  • In the "Flash" section, disable the plugin located in your user files, like: C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\8.0.552.224\gcswf32.dll

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