AS2: SharedObject that expires like a cookie

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People like to called the Flash SharedObject a “Flash Cookie”. But it’s not really a cookie and it never expires like a cookie. So here’s a “Flash Cookie” that expires. You can use it like this:

var c:Cookie = new Cookie("hello");
var d:Date = new Date();
// Make it last one hour
d.setHours( d.getHours()+1 );
c.setValue("there", d );

This will create a cookie named “hello” with value “there” and it will last for one hour. For the never-ending cookie, don’t pass a date.

I haven’t tested this extensively, but it worked for what I needed it for.

You can get the class after the jump…

 * author: Matt Shaw : matt at unformatt
class Cookie {

	public static var SO_NAME:String = "cookie";
	public static var SO_PATH:String = "/";
	public static var EXPIRE:String = "_expire";

	private var _so:SharedObject;
	private var _name:String;

	public function Cookie( name:String ) {
		_so = SharedObject.getLocal(SO_NAME,SO_PATH);
	public function setValue( v:Object, expires:Date ):Void {[_name] = v;[_name+EXPIRE] = expires;
	public function getValue():Object {
		var v:Object =[_name];
		var expires:Date =[_name+EXPIRE];
		if( expires && expires < new Date() ){
			v = null;
		return v;

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