Adobe Flex Builder + Air 2: Nothing Happens, nothing shows or “invocation forwarded to primary instance”

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An obscure one, hard to Google. I was trying to use NativeProcess which is newly available in AIR 2.0. I wedged the AIR SDK into my Flex 3 SDK, then created a new AIR app. When I tried to run it (or debug it), nothing happened. If I tried to run it again, I got “invocation forwarded to primary instance”. This means that adl.exe is already running. You’ll have to kill that process. If I removed the reference to NativeProcess, everything ran fine. Turns out, my app.xml still referenced the AIR 1.5. Naturally, NativeProcess is not available in AIR 1.5 – but how about a damn error, Adobe? Silent failures are very AS1.

In *-app.xml


<application xmlns="">

Changed to:

<application xmlns="">

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