Measuring Intelligence with Google Suggest

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I came across a fun way to kill time and another way to be disappointed with the general public. By typing a word or two into the Google search box, Google Suggest will show you some common search terms that include what you entered. For some reason, I only now realized that this can help me see how stupid people are. It appears that most people’s main concerns are celebrities and stupid questions (dur). By entering “Why is”, the first suggestion is “Why is the sky blue?”. I guess most people failed 2nd grade science. Here are some other highlights:

Why is:
- Why is grass green?
- Why is the ocean salty?
- Why is Paris Hilton in jail?
- Why is Paris Hilton going to jail?
- Why is Paris Hilton back in jail?
- Why is Paris Hilton out of jail?
- Why is my computer so slow?
- Why is marijuana illegal?
- Why is Pluto not a planet (not a bad one)

What is:
- What is love?
- What is global warming?
- What is a blog?
- What is science? (!!!)
- What is the internet? (!?)
- What is the date today?

Who is:
- Who is Paris Hilton? (people are obsessed!!)
- Who is God?
- Who is Jesus?
- Who is the antichrist?
- Who is the Silver Surfer?
- Who is a Jew?

And these are only based on Google users. I wonder what MSN would reveal…

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